How to treat thinning hair problems

worried_woman_about_thinning_hair_problemsWhen you have a situation whereby the rate of replacement of the hair is surpassed by the rate at which the hair is lost, we say that there is condition of hair thinning. Exaggerated hair thinning may eventually lead to the baldness. The conditions of the hair thinning are curable but one has got to know the real cause of the thinning to be in a position to prescribe the right remedy for that particular problem. Diagnosis is particularly done by a qualified medic.

The following are the key causes of the hair thinning and their remedies:

Hormonal imbalances

Thinning of the hair can be caused by the hormonal imbalances, which may in particular be evident in the cases of the androgen and estrogen.

The thinning hair treatments for that case will be basically to give the supplements that will assist in checking the adjustments that are necessary for that to happen.


The kind of food that we normally have can contribute greatly to the thinning of the hair. If you are to be on diet that is deficient of copper or has overdose of vitamin A, there will be higher chances of you getting the problem of hair thinning. The thinning hair treatments may require you to check on your diet accordingly, using vitamin supplements could help in the lack of vitamins and minerals.

Genetic causes

In the cases, of genetic factors, there may be a lesser choice for the hair thinning treatments for you. But there are still some medications that are available but, their effectiveness will be highly dependent on the individual and the extent of thinning. topical minoxidil 2%-5% is needed to improve the hair regrowth rate complementary with a DHT blocker.

Illness and surgery

There are certain diseases such as lupus, anemia and diabetes that may result to the hair thinning. In those cases, you will need to know the deficiencies that are the causes of the cases. If it is anemia for instance, the thinning hair treatments will have to address the question of boosting the iron levels in the body. You will therefore be required to eat the iron rich foods or consume the supplements that are rich in that.

Pregnancy and child birth

Pregnancy may give rise to the problem of the thinning of the hair. It may in most case be brought about by the hormonal imbalances. There may be no thinning hair treatments for the cases of pregnancy, since it is known that in many cases, the hair will re-grow after a very a few months, but it can be speed up with the use of some medication.

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