List of natural DHT blockers for women

Those learned in the science of the hair will tell us that the problem of the hair loss can also be scientifically explained. They tell us that the problem of the hair basically results from a hormone that is called Dihydrotestosterone, which basically synthesized from the male testosterone.

The top products that are manufactured to alleviate the problem of the hair loss actually test their effectiveness in their ability to block this DHT. Propecia is said to be able to block this by over 85 percent in most cases.

stop_hair_loss_natural_dht_blockersSince a lot of people go to the natural ways of getting cures for a lot of health problems, it is also the trend that we get in the cases of the hair loss. There are many Natural DHT blockers available in virtually all parts of the world. Since not so many products that we have are scientifically tested, a lot of people may not be aware of what relationship their natural products may have with the hair growth or loss.

The following are some of the major Natural DHT blockers that have come to be recommended by medics

Green tea

Green tea has been credited to help on many health conditions. In the hair loss solution industry, green tea has been approved as one of the bests Natural DHT blockers. It is known to basically help in stimulating the growth of the hair.

Emu oil

Emu oil is also another of the most popular natural DHT blockers that also aid in the hair growth.

Saw Palmetto

This is also another product that is mainly known to perform as the same functions as propecia.

Root extract of the nettle

One very popular product that is in use in warding off hair loss is a concentrated root extract of nettle. The root is also known for quite a number of other health benefits.

Pygeum extract

Pygeum extract inhibits the production of the DHT. Apart from being one of the best natural DHT blockers, the extract is also known to assist in the reduction of the levels of it in the blood


People are encouraged to eat food that is rich in zinc. Zink is also one of the best natural DHT blockers.

Pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin oil will also do a great job in inhibiting the formation of the DHT

There are other products that have not been mentioned since they may not be common in many places. You can surely get natural DHT blockers that may be available within your locality. Your medical doctor or hair care professionals can assist I identifying the best for you.

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