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Acupuncture for Hair Loss: Does it Really Work?

Baldness, also known as hair loss in a lay man’s language is a medical term used to describe the loss of hair from the human body; the head to be precise. Permanent hair loss is due to genes that one has inherited. Hair loss that is temporary is the result of illness, fatigue, diet deficiencies, hormones, blood circulation problems, environmental exposure and stress. Circulation of blood is one of the main causes of hair loss. As compared to other body parts, the head portion including the scalp gets less blood flow. As there is a minimal flow of blood in the head area, it gets less of the nutritional value.

Acupuncture for hair loss might be the best solution

The probable reasons for the hair loss that is temporary can be alleviated with the help of acupuncture. Acupuncture, apparently is a treatment for almost all problems like pains, muscular aches, stress relief and more importantly hair loss. It is a widely recognised and respected age old practice of the Chinese in which the practitioner, using needles, helps a person to restore his normal health. In this practice fine needles are inserted into one’s skin at predefined acupuncture points in the body, with the use of friction, heat or suction to stimulate these acupuncture points. The person is restored to his normal health as stimulating these acupuncture points releases any energy(Qi) that is blocked in the body. Acupuncture also helps to restore the hair health by directing the blood flow in the head and scalp portion so that the new hair can grow. It also draws the life energy back to the body.

Qi is the infinite life energy. The practitioners believe that this energy keeps on circulating through the body. Hair’s strength lies on qi and obviously nutrition. Without this, hair may become weak and brittle, and may as a result break off and fall. Any imbalances in the energy that affects the hair may be reconciled by acupuncture.

All about acupuncture

In addition to the needles acupuncturists usually use Chinese herbs and specialized diets. As per the Traditional Medicine of the Chinese, health of the hair is affected by kidneys, lungs and adrenal glands. Kidneys provide purified blood which nourishes the hair on the scalp and lungs nourishes hair on the body with oxygen and moisture. Adrenal glands may be cause of hair loss when over worked. When such organs do not work properly because of lifestyle and illness, hair can become weak and thus result in hair fall. Acupuncture purifies the blood and hence helps in the growth of new hair. It repairs the cells that are damaged and strengthens the hair roots.

Why Acupuncture is better than other hair loss treatments?

As hair is a dead tissue, so the topically applied products do not actually nourish the hair. Rather they just coat it with oils, surfactants, lubricants and moisturizers to improve its looks and maintenance. Acupuncture therapy in many ways, not only cures hair fall but also cures many other types of illnesses. Latest tool used by the acupuncturists for hair loss is a plum blossom hammer (a device that has various needles jutting out from the face of the device). This instrument is pressed against the scalp, leading to the needles stimulate the dermis as well as the epidermis layer at a time. The effect is increased because of the “therapy of hair loss- acupuncture”.

Troubled with hair loss? Go organic

Everyone wants to own a set of healthy, beautiful and lustrous hair. This desire is covered with the pall of hair loss. Hair loss is a serious issue faced by most of us, irrespective of gender.This can be caused due to various reasons including diseases, age or even genetics. Hair needs care in order for it to retain its natural glow. There are various ways to treat hair loss and many products claim to be effective solutions for the same. However, one of the best solutions is to go organic. Using organic products is an easy and effective way to control hair loss. One of the most used of these hair products is a shampoo.

Nowadays, various kinds of shampoos for hair loss are available in the market. The best among these is the wide range of organic shampoos that are available to the consumer. Chemicals used in shampoos are sometimes considered to be the cause of increased hair fall as they are harsh and may deteriorate the scalp causing the hair to lose its strength and hence increase fall. This is where organic shampoo creates a difference.

What makes a shampoo organic?

Organic shampoos are prepared by mixing different natural ingredients; mainly herbs. Such shampoos contain vitamins, protein and biotin which when put together nourishes the scalp and strengthens the hair. They contain botanicals rich in nutrients that infuse nourishing vitamins and moisturizing oils which leave hair healthy and soft. They do not cause re-growth of hair; rather they help in maintaining the health of one’s hair. The best thing about organic shampoo is that its usage can be continued along with other hair fall treatments.

What does an organic shampoo contain?

The most commonly used ingredients in natural organic shampoos are herbal extracts like those of lavender, rosemary and chamomile. These ingredients are believed to reduce hair loss by strengthening hair and thus preventing its breakage, keeping the scalp clean and preventing dandruff and most importantly, stimulating the follicles. Other ingredients that are made use of are fruit extracts such as olive, coconut, jojoba and pomegranate. These are considered effective in improving the thickness and the volume of hair. Their work as antioxidants protects the scalp and hair. These ingredients also reduce the blockage in hair follicles. Aloe Vera is another very good choice to look for in organic shampoos. This plant is well known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties protect the hair against folliculitis (inflammation of hair follicles) which causes further loss of hair.

Benefits of organic shampoo for hair loss

The most important characteristic of organic shampoo is that it is chemical free and thus is not harsh on your hair and scalp. There is no risk of being subjected to harmful ingredients that can cause damage to the natural beauty that lies within your hair. It is true that the traditional shampoos that are basically chemical formulae are much easily available and might even be less expensive. But when it comes to the long term health of hair, there is no better choice than organic products.

Flaunt the lovely locks you have, NATURALLY!!

Azelaic Acid Hair Loss treatment

In today’s world, hair loss is one of the major problems that people face on a day to day basis. Various factors like stress and hard water, contribute to the receding hairlines that are becoming more and more common. To prevent hair loss, a lot of people use various hair loss treatments. There are specific creams available in the market to reduce and prevent baldness. A lot of conditioners also guarantee prevention of hair loss. However, when the hair loss is related to enzyme secretion, something specific is required.

Revolutionary cause of hair loss discovered

One of the causes of hair loss can be an increased production of an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase, and this enzyme is excreted from the scalp through the adrenal glands. 5 alpha reductase breaks down Dihydrotestosterone from testosterone, which is also present in women, although in smaller quantities. It is this Dihydrotestosterone that results in baldness. When Dihydrotestosterone attaches itself to hair follicles, it destroys them, thereby inhibiting growth of hair. However, hair loss caused due to excessive production of 5 alpha reductase is reversible. It is obvious then, that to prevent hair loss, one needs to inhibit the production of 5 alpha reducaste, especially in the scalp. One of the compounds that help in the reduction of this enzyme is Azelaic Acid.

All about Azelaic acid

Because of Azelaic Acid, hair loss is not a major problem anymore. It is also known as 1,9 Nonanedioic Acid. Azelaic Acid, which is naturally occurring in some whole grains, is usually applied to the scalp. The Azelaic Acid that is applied prevents Dihydrotestosterone from binding to the hair follicles. This prevents hair loss and encourages re-growth. Thus, Azelaic acid becomes a necessary ingredient of various conditioners, shampoos and hair tonics which promise re growth of hair. Azelaic Acid works best with a particular concentration of Zinc Sulphate, and this combination is said to have a 100 percent prevention rate of Dihydrotestosterone attaching itself to the hair follicles.

Using Azelaic Acid hair loss can be conquered. The side effects of this include rashes and stinging among others. But statistically, a very less percentage of people show the symptoms of the side effects. However, products with Azelaic Acid might be harmful to small children. Therefore, the products which contain Azelaic Acid should not be used on children.

Hair loss – A thing of the past

With the discovery of Azelaic Acid as an inhibitor of 5 alpha reductase, hair loss does not remain anything to worry about anymore. If one does not want to use a lot of chemical products to reduce hair loss, then one can just increase the presence of whole grains in the diet. As Azelaic Acid is present in most of whole grains, hair fall reduction is guaranteed with an increase in the presence of whole grains in one’s diet.  Through Azelaic Acid for hair loss has been scientifically proven to have reduced considerably. Thus, it becomes a good option to consider if one is facing a crisis regarding hair loss.

Mesotherapy treatment: an end to the problem of hair fall

There can be no possible defiance of the fact that first impression is the last impression of any person. Without any doubt it can be clearly stated that physical appearance contributes maximum towards creating an alluring demeanor. It is evident that beautiful, long and thick hair along with smooth texture is something which pleases everyone’s eyes and acts as a head turner. But in this world of 21st century, where tension is deeply rooted in human brain, the direct result of it is evidently explicable with the growing and much-common problem of hair fall which has proved a great roadblock towards achieving the glamorous and most appealing personality amongst today’s youth.

Nevertheless, with the technology spreading its wings in every realm affecting human life and making it easier, how can beauty and personal care arena of human life remain untouched by its magical inventions? The amazing innovations have provided a feasible solution to tackle with this problem of continuous hair loss. One such landmark innovation is mesotherapy for hair loss which is now proving to be of great help in dealing with the problem of hair fall. The term mesotherapy means “treatment of mesoderm”.

What is Mesotherapy all about?

Mesotherapy for hair fall is basically a non-surgical treatment which involves monitoring the growth factors like proteins and vitamins in the patient’s scalp suffering from the problem of hair fall. Under the skin lies a layer called mesoderm, which acts as a connector between the layer of fats and skin tissues. Under mesotherapy for hair fall, growth factors like homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, proteins and other ingredients are injected into mesoderm which thereby helps in controlling hair fall by performing following functions:

  • Improving blood circulation.
  • Helps in speeding up cell metabolism
  • Brings back the hair follicles soon.

The various uses of Mesotherapy

The results achieved by mesotherapy treatment for hair fall is remarkable.  Many patients that deal with active hair fall have found relief from mesotherapy treatment for hair fall. This therapy is now been put to use for treating various other conditions like joint pain, eczema and tinnitus. It has proved as a safe and highly effective remedy for treating androgenetic alopecia and therefore has become a leading therapy which is now sought after by many patients. Mesotherapy also helps in dealing with excess of fat tissue and cellulite. It also helps in treating acne, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

The not so bad side effects of Mesotherapy

Definitely there are various benefits of mesotherapy treatment, but it also carries certain risks. The most commonly found side effect of this therapy is visible swelling at the site of injected area. Swelling occurs in the form of lump and is generally found if the solution, which is injected, contains the compound called “lecithin”; the swelling subsidies within 2 to 3 days. Bruising, scarring, pain and burning sensation can also be the negative outcome of this therapy; injected area also gets itchy. Nevertheless, the side effects arising from the treatment of mesotherapy can be treated well with the application of some specific tropical cream or herbal supplements.

Therefore, it can be concluded that if the side effects arising from this treatment is taken care of well, then mesotherapy treatment can do wonders in dealing with the problem of active hair fall. Hence, Mesotherapy treatment for dealing with the problem of active hair fall is gaining high degree of popularity in the world of esthetic, beauty and hair clinics.

Are You Suffering from Hair Loss After Surgery?

Losing Hair post-Surgery

The average hair fall in a day is around 100 strands, even for a young fit human. However it is barely noticeable and hence is not spoken about much. The bigger issue occurs when post a surgery, a human starts losing around 3 times the normal amount. This is the body’s way of reacting to a traumatic experience.

The bare reality of hair loss after surgery:

The hair is naturally designed to grow then enter a period called “Telogen”, simply put, resting period and then fall. The American Osteopathic- Dermatology College defines it with a term called “telogen effluvium”, which means that the hair is forcefully moved in to the resting period while the body is suffering the sudden shock and trauma of a surgery. As the design of the body mechanism, all the focus shifts on healing the part which has undergone surgery. Hence negatively influencing the hair production rate, since that is not the need of the hour and the body considers that optional – not life threatening.


The situation of “Telogen effluvium”, which means that the hair has not followed its normal life cycle and has been forced in to submission (hair fall), can be noticed 3-4 months post-surgery. It is relatively evident on the scalp; it may not necessarily result in complete baldness or patchy growth. There is a pattern that can be noticed on the hair loss at the roots, since they resemble a bulb. One of the first symptoms would be hair thinning which would seem extremely obvious, even for people who have relatively thick and hard hair.


The resurrection process easily takes about a year or so for the normal life cycle of the hair to be adhered by the body mechanism. That is, only post the operated part heals completely and is functioning like it is supposed to post the surgery.

Corrective and Preventive Actions for Hair Loss after Surgery

Those operated for weight reduction and weight loss, need to exercise the most caution since the hair are adversely affected because of the sudden change in the intake of proteins vitamins and carbs. Protein rich shakes are most recommended until solid food is prescribed on their plate

Balanced Diet is the key to having hair you could let loose. Make a deliberate effort to consume a diet which is rich in protein, iron and vitamins to prevent hair loss. Some of them suggested would be beans, eggs, salmon, spinach, nuts, whole grain cereals and broccoli. Caffeine and fat should be avoided at any cost.

It is normally observed that the hair loss caused due to surgery is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It auto heals; the only problem is that it could take around a year or so in the case of certain individuals.

Physical activities and disciplined sleeping habits go a very long way in controlling the stress levels of the body and aid in the hair growth and overall wellbeing of the body. Refrain from using heavy chemical composition based shampoos, conditioner, hair gel, hair sprays, they cause more harm than good. Oil massage is one of the oldest remedy however extremely underutilized.

Dry Scalp Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments

Hair Loss caused due to Dry Scalp

Hair loss in most cases is caused by genetic baldness. The primary reason for baldness is “family baldness” which is passed on to generations. Medical advancements take this research a step further to statistically prove that 60% of the fathers who suffer with baldness pass this on to their male children. Dermatologists have also concluded that dry itchy scalp plays a key role in hair loss leading to baldness and the good news is that there are some remedies that are quick and more importantly mighty effective.

The first basic treatment taught at the school of cosmetology is the scalp treatment. It is hard to believe that most of the beauty routines don’t consider the scalp, which is the closest to the muscle that matter, the brain. Every square inch of the body is pampered except the scalp, which is the most essential. The good news is that it does not carry a big price tag along with it. There are certain dry scalp hair loss home treatments that go a long way.

Before the “How” always precedes the “Why”

  • It is more hygienic than hair conditioner and shampoo
  • Removes dry flakes
  • Cures and reduces dandruff
  • Fosters hair growth

Medical research has proved that hardened sebum does not allow the hair to grow freely and hence the hair growth is slowed down and increases hair loss.

Get rid of the problem – How?


  • Bristle brush is the best, preferably the roller brush.
  • The Ingredients.
  • Cotton balls.
  • ·         A friend who follows the golden rule (You scratch my back and I scratch yours).


Coconut oil is the chosen ingredient. It is extremely rich and nourishing for the scalp and it has a great aroma too. Some prefer olive oil; the only word of caution is that it has to be organic. Jojoba oil is another classic remedy; squeeze a little lime juice in the oil and the scalp will start responding to the nourishment.

One strong recommendation: 4 spoons of organic coconut oil, Mixed with 2 spoons of tea – tree oil and few drops of rosemary oil. “Feels like heaven”!

Right out of the Kitchen:  Coconut oil 4 tablespoons, 2 tablespoons of lime juice and one table spoon of grape juice.

The only word of caution would be to use tea-tree oil depending on the scalp type, because some may find the oil itchy.

Application – The final step!

  • Rotate the brush from the top and press down a little on the scalp. The objective is to improve blood circulation and ensure the dry flaky skin falls off. If pressed too hard it may hurt; just ensure to apply the right amount of pressure.
  • Part your hair at the center; pour the oil contents (which ever composition) right in the middle of at the scalp using the cotton ball. Apply towards the side, inch by inch making sure the oil is well applied and spread
  • Massage the scalp. A circular fingertip scalp massage. Continue till about 15-20 minutes to feel free and energized.
  • The cherry on the cake is to wash your scalp with a conditioner and shampoo.

Vitamin D Deficiencies and Hair Loss. How are they related?

Vitamin D is very essential for the human body and it is gained through sources like the sunlight. People who remain indoors most of the times, and who do not expose themselves in the sunlight are prone to Vitamin D deficiency. Since the body requires some sunlight, you must always make sure that you go out and let your body soak the morning sunlight usually between 7 am to 10 am. Since after this time, sun rays becomes too harsh for your skin. Studies have shown a relation between hair loss and vitamin D presence in your body. Even if your body contains Vitamin D in excess, it can create Hair loss problem. So striking the balance is really important.

Vitamin D deficiency leads to reduction in the level and contents of calcium in the human body and Calcium is the most vital element required for proper hair growth. Vitamin D helps in the maturation of the hair follicles. Therefore for having strong hair follicles, vitamin D plays a very important role.

Vitamin D Deficiency can be due to the following:

a)     Lack of Exposure to sunlight.

b)     Lack of consumption of milk and milk products.

c)      Non consumption of fish, fish liver oils and egg yokes.

d)     Non consumption of food grains.

e)     Non absorption of vitamins by the body.

If you suffer from Vitamin D deficiency, then you should either have milk products, fish, fish liver oil, food grains etc. on a regular basis or visit a doctor and start taking supplements if the problem of hair loss persists.

General causes for hair loss are:

1)     Lack of proper dietary nutrients intake in your body.

2)     Imbalance between different nutrients in regular food intake.

3)     Lack of sleep.

4)     Dry scalp.

5)     Improper way of hair wash and harsh treatments on the hair like straightening, perming, coloring, etc.

6)     Hormonal changes in women during menopause or pregnancy.

You can also check the strength of your hair by a pull test where you hold around 50 to 60 strands of your hair and pull them firmly and gently usually around 5 to 10 strands will be in your hands. If it’s more than that, it means you are suffering from serious hair loss problem and vitamin deficiency can be one of the reasons.

Ask your doctor to check your vitamins level in your body as a regular check up, and if you are suffering from any vitamin deficiencies, then make sure you consult for proper nutrition intake or for supplements from the doctor. Avoiding such deficiencies can create major medical and health issues in the future and may create complications.

Also there is a debate over an issue about being over exposed to sunlight for vitamin D and increase in the hair loss; since exposing yourself to the harsh sunlight can increase your hair fall and make your hair brittle and dry. You should make sure to expose your hair only during the morning sunlight. If after 11 am if you are out, make sure you wear a hat or a scarf to protect your hair from getting damaged, since over exposure to sun is also not good for your hair.

Why homeopathic treatment for hair loss is the best?

Strong and shiny hairs are dream of everyone. Having good hair is indirectly related to one’s self-esteem. There are three phases of hair growth; Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Most of the hair which we lose is, under the phase of Telogen. Generally hair loss occurs when there is a disruption in the growth cycle of the follicle. Mainly, it is genetic predisposition along with emotional trauma. The follicle starts shrinking and hair becomes thinner. At last, due to thinness, hair becomes so weak that it falls out and doesn’t grow back.

Hair loss has really become no less than a nightmare for a lot of people. From past few years, there has been an increase in the cases of hair loss that too all over the world. Drastic change in lifestyle, increase in stress level, increase in pollution, etc. are the main reasons that are really leading to alopecia (hair loss) in a lot of people. Apart from that, there are other hair loss causes that add woes to the condition. Those factors include poor diet, pollution, using poor quality shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products, etc. Someone has really quoted aptly that “Homeopathy treats the person, not the disease”. In case of hair loss, the reason of hair loss generally varies from one individual to another. A remedy prescribed for one patient may not be suitable for another one. That’s where homeopathy comes in the picture.

What is the best treatment for hair loss?

Homeopathy is that branch of medicine that is extremely competent enough in addressing the genetic predisposition, faulty immune response, intensity of the disease. While Allopath only does take into consideration the physical factors, homeopathy does believe in considering emotional factors as well. Thus, it achieves success in treating the root cause of the disease. The condition of hair loss is known as Alopecia and it is not believed to be any kind of external disorder. Other advanced measures may prove to be ineffective in treating the root cause of the disease and over use of any medication may lead to some kind of side effect in the long run.

How does homeopathy deal with hair loss?

Homeopathy has been a traditional medicine practice and despite of advanced antibiotics and latest sophisticated medical equipments and technology, its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. There are numerous reasons that have compelled people to switch to homeopathy for treating hair loss. Those reasons include:

  • Homeopathy is capable of treating hair loss by conducting a detailed study after considering all aspects including hormonal, emotional and genetic factors.
  • Homeopathy is a safe and effective way to cure hair loss. Since it is free from any kind of side effect, people prefer opting for it.
  • Homeopathy doesn’t deal all cases of alopecia in a similar manner. Customized solution is the biggest unique appeal of this discipline.

This ancient technique believes that any kind of ailment is a clear indication towards imbalance in any kind of energies including mental, physical and emotional. Generally, there is a misconception that hair loss is triggered due to external factors. However, the truth is that most of the time, it is poor emotional state that leads to hair loss and homeopathy is among those ancient medicine practices that proves to be best treatment for hair loss.

Does dandruff cause hair loss?

Dandruff is among one of the major hair problems. Many people assume that dandruff is a normal condition, but they don’t know that it could result in hair loss. Dandruff is basically a scalp disorder wherein scalp flakes come out. These scalp flakes are nothing but dead skin cells. Infection by bacteria and fungus is responsible for dandruff that can lead to an itchy and dry scalp that is not only irritating, but if dandruff is not cured then it may result in serious hair loss. There are numerous reasons that may lead to dandruff.

Dandruff causes – Reasons galore

  • Mental stress
  • Lack of nutritious diet
  • Hereditary reasons
  • Not taking care of proper cleansing your scalp or using excessive anti dandruff shampoo
  • Frequent change in shampoo brands and conditioners
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Prolonged illness
  • Excessive oil production on scalp
  • Seasonal conditions like dry winter air
  • Skin conditions like acne, eczema, etc that lead to the formation of dead skin on the scalp
  • Frequent use of hair styling products
  • Over exposure to the sun

All these reasons lead to the formation of dead skin cells. It is pointless to say that if proper remedy is not figured out, then dandruff can result in hair loss. Nevertheless, dandruff is neither a serious hair disorder, nor it is contagious; but it really causes lot of embarrassment and may create an inferiority complex.  Figuring out about inexpensive and effective remedies for curing dandruff is no rocket science as it can be treated by some simple and inexpensive home remedies. So when we are aware by now that dandruff may lead to hair fall, let’s have a glance on the best home remedies for treating dandruff.

Homemade remedies to cure dandruff problems

  • Messaging with almond oil, coconut oil really proves to be extremely helpful in dandruff treatment.
  • A nutritious diet containing protein, zinc, iron, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B12 is a sure shot way to get rid of irritating dandruff and to promote hair growth.
  • Drinking plenty of water promotes helps in the reduction of hair fall.
  • Rinsing hair properly after applying shampoo and conditioner is extremely important because at times, the leftovers lead to the formation of dandruff.
  • Detangling hair by using wide-comb can really make a big difference. Another most important point to remember is to pay utmost attention to the cleanliness of the combs, towel, hair accessories, etc.

Does dandruff cause hair loss? – The flip side

Well, there is another set of believers who believe that dandruff doesn’t lead to hair loss. However, dandruff may not be a direct and conspicuous reason of hair loss, but it certainly contributes in deteriorating the quality of hair. Both, excessive dry or excessive oily scalp causes dandruff. In case of oily scalp, yellow flakes are formed and in case of excessive dry scalp, white flakes are formed. If scalp itself would not be in a good condition, then hair strands will not be able to develop in a proper way. Dead cells would discourage the growth of new hair strands. For allowing hair to grow healthy, it is important to keep the scalp healthy and free from dead cells. To sum up, whether dandruff leads to hair loss or not, there is no doubt that by curing dandruff one can experience healthy hair.

Decoding hair loss: how much hair loss is normal?

Hectic lifestyle and excessive pollution are playing havoc with the health of the people. Hairs and skin are those most vulnerable areas that are being affected badly. Hair loss is becoming a common problem nowadays and the number of people suffering from some or the other kind of hair loss problem is on rise. Well, most of the times, some people develop a misconception that they are having a hair loss. At times, hair loss is more conspicuous and during the period of weather change and during the period of consuming strong antibiotics, some people do witness more hair fall. However, occurrence of hair fall due to seasonal changes or due to temporary ailments is a normal thing and one need not worry about it. If hair loss prolongs for a longer time, one needs to consult a good Dermatologist. An expert advice is really important because until the authentic cause of hair fall is not indentified, it is difficult to get the best hair loss treatment.

The normal range of hair loss

It is a known fact that every single human being does lose at least some hair strands. When one experiences shedding of hair, excess than average, this condition leads to a serious problem of baldness. Now we have an intriguing question and that is how to figure out that how much hair loss is normal? Normally, one can expect loss of round about 50-100 strands of hair on a daily basis. This is absolutely normal hair loss and one need not panic. The real trouble begins if one starts witnessing more hair loss. Receding hairlines, appearance of bald patches on scalp, excessive thinning of hairs, etc. are some obvious symptoms that indicate that it is time to take this condition seriously.

Common causes of hair loss

There are some activities like shampooing scalp, combing hair, pleating, etc. during which people generally experience some hair loss. However, as said earlier that, it is absolutely normal. The situation is considered as a serious one when large hair clumps come out that too, on a frequent basis. There could be many reasons that lead to excessive hair fall and serious condition like baldness. Those reasons include too much of stress, initial signs of alopecia (a condition of patchy baldness that starts with rapid hair loss that results in complete baldness), lack of nutritious diet, some specific medical condition, etc.

Hair loss is affecting people of all ages

Earlier, it was believed that alopecia can happen only during the old age, but due to drastic changes in the lifestyle of the people, this serious condition is being witnessed by the people of all ages, including young people as well. However, there are many effective treatments for hair loss available that are proving to be extremely helpful in treating baldness. These latest techniques have absolutely no side effects and they lead to amazing results by curing the baldness from its core. So after gaining insight about how much hair loss is normal, you must either take a chill-pill, if you were worrying excessively about hair fall or if you are losing more than 50-100 hair strands on daily basis, you should know that time has come to pay a visit to a dermatologist.