Traction Alopecia

Traction Alopecia (wikipedia link) is a type of hair loss which is caused by damage done to hair follicle by continuous pulling and tight tension for very long periods to the hair. This type of hair loss has risen considerably as people tend to continue with damaging their hair. It is common amongst people who wear tight braids, especially dreadlocks that lead to pulling and breaking of the hair.

This type of hair loss is more common amongst African-American women, or generally amongst women who tend to braid their hair tightly or have dreadlocks. It occurs more commonly in teenagers and young adults compared to older people unless they damage their in the same way. This is more of a cultural thing but people do not realize that this is damaging their hair.

The only way to stop this damaging process is to find it early enough and to stop the damaging process. Hairstyles that put tension in the hair need to stop to get a positive result. Hairstylist with knowledge of the damaging effect caused by braids and chemical process need to make people aware and discourage people from doing that.

Chemical processing of your hair can have an even greater damaging effect recovering from which may prove difficult. People need to react as soon as possible and contact a good doctor or beautician. The extreme heat from blow driers can also damage the hair, heat being too close to the hair follicles can damage them and results in hair loss.

Traction alopecia pictures

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Growing back ?.  Treatment for traction alopecia.

If the damage to the hair is irreversible then there seems to be no cure and the only option seems to be hair transplant. Many products claim that conditioning the hair follicles and cleansing the scalp will regenerate damaged hair from traction alopecia. This is not always the case; hair loss sustained by constant abuse is damaged for life. The early detection of this form of alopecia might be corrected, but prolonged abuse without proper care can be irreversible.

Women can use Minoxidil for at least a year before checking for results. The results are slow and can be discouraging if you are expecting immediate results. Men are also advised to wait at least a year before results can be determined. The drug does not always work on everybody but can be tried to see if the treatment works. Traction alopecia does not always need this type of help, but in some cases, it does help promote hair growth.

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