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Are You Suffering from Hair Loss After Surgery?

Losing Hair post-Surgery

The average hair fall in a day is around 100 strands, even for a young fit human. However it is barely noticeable and hence is not spoken about much. The bigger issue occurs when post a surgery, a human starts losing around 3 times the normal amount. This is the body’s way of reacting to a traumatic experience.

The bare reality of hair loss after surgery:

The hair is naturally designed to grow then enter a period called “Telogen”, simply put, resting period and then fall. The American Osteopathic- Dermatology College defines it with a term called “telogen effluvium”, which means that the hair is forcefully moved in to the resting period while the body is suffering the sudden shock and trauma of a surgery. As the design of the body mechanism, all the focus shifts on healing the part which has undergone surgery. Hence negatively influencing the hair production rate, since that is not the need of the hour and the body considers that optional – not life threatening.


The situation of “Telogen effluvium”, which means that the hair has not followed its normal life cycle and has been forced in to submission (hair fall), can be noticed 3-4 months post-surgery. It is relatively evident on the scalp; it may not necessarily result in complete baldness or patchy growth. There is a pattern that can be noticed on the hair loss at the roots, since they resemble a bulb. One of the first symptoms would be hair thinning which would seem extremely obvious, even for people who have relatively thick and hard hair.


The resurrection process easily takes about a year or so for the normal life cycle of the hair to be adhered by the body mechanism. That is, only post the operated part heals completely and is functioning like it is supposed to post the surgery.

Corrective and Preventive Actions for Hair Loss after Surgery

Those operated for weight reduction and weight loss, need to exercise the most caution since the hair are adversely affected because of the sudden change in the intake of proteins vitamins and carbs. Protein rich shakes are most recommended until solid food is prescribed on their plate

Balanced Diet is the key to having hair you could let loose. Make a deliberate effort to consume a diet which is rich in protein, iron and vitamins to prevent hair loss. Some of them suggested would be beans, eggs, salmon, spinach, nuts, whole grain cereals and broccoli. Caffeine and fat should be avoided at any cost.

It is normally observed that the hair loss caused due to surgery is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It auto heals; the only problem is that it could take around a year or so in the case of certain individuals.

Physical activities and disciplined sleeping habits go a very long way in controlling the stress levels of the body and aid in the hair growth and overall wellbeing of the body. Refrain from using heavy chemical composition based shampoos, conditioner, hair gel, hair sprays, they cause more harm than good. Oil massage is one of the oldest remedy however extremely underutilized.