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Dry Scalp Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments

Hair Loss caused due to Dry Scalp

Hair loss in most cases is caused by genetic baldness. The primary reason for baldness is “family baldness” which is passed on to generations. Medical advancements take this research a step further to statistically prove that 60% of the fathers who suffer with baldness pass this on to their male children. Dermatologists have also concluded that dry itchy scalp plays a key role in hair loss leading to baldness and the good news is that there are some remedies that are quick and more importantly mighty effective.

The first basic treatment taught at the school of cosmetology is the scalp treatment. It is hard to believe that most of the beauty routines don’t consider the scalp, which is the closest to the muscle that matter, the brain. Every square inch of the body is pampered except the scalp, which is the most essential. The good news is that it does not carry a big price tag along with it. There are certain dry scalp hair loss home treatments that go a long way.

Before the “How” always precedes the “Why”

  • It is more hygienic than hair conditioner and shampoo
  • Removes dry flakes
  • Cures and reduces dandruff
  • Fosters hair growth

Medical research has proved that hardened sebum does not allow the hair to grow freely and hence the hair growth is slowed down and increases hair loss.

Get rid of the problem – How?


  • Bristle brush is the best, preferably the roller brush.
  • The Ingredients.
  • Cotton balls.
  • ·         A friend who follows the golden rule (You scratch my back and I scratch yours).


Coconut oil is the chosen ingredient. It is extremely rich and nourishing for the scalp and it has a great aroma too. Some prefer olive oil; the only word of caution is that it has to be organic. Jojoba oil is another classic remedy; squeeze a little lime juice in the oil and the scalp will start responding to the nourishment.

One strong recommendation: 4 spoons of organic coconut oil, Mixed with 2 spoons of tea – tree oil and few drops of rosemary oil. “Feels like heaven”!

Right out of the Kitchen:  Coconut oil 4 tablespoons, 2 tablespoons of lime juice and one table spoon of grape juice.

The only word of caution would be to use tea-tree oil depending on the scalp type, because some may find the oil itchy.

Application – The final step!

  • Rotate the brush from the top and press down a little on the scalp. The objective is to improve blood circulation and ensure the dry flaky skin falls off. If pressed too hard it may hurt; just ensure to apply the right amount of pressure.
  • Part your hair at the center; pour the oil contents (which ever composition) right in the middle of at the scalp using the cotton ball. Apply towards the side, inch by inch making sure the oil is well applied and spread
  • Massage the scalp. A circular fingertip scalp massage. Continue till about 15-20 minutes to feel free and energized.
  • The cherry on the cake is to wash your scalp with a conditioner and shampoo.

Decoding hair loss: how much hair loss is normal?

Hectic lifestyle and excessive pollution are playing havoc with the health of the people. Hairs and skin are those most vulnerable areas that are being affected badly. Hair loss is becoming a common problem nowadays and the number of people suffering from some or the other kind of hair loss problem is on rise. Well, most of the times, some people develop a misconception that they are having a hair loss. At times, hair loss is more conspicuous and during the period of weather change and during the period of consuming strong antibiotics, some people do witness more hair fall. However, occurrence of hair fall due to seasonal changes or due to temporary ailments is a normal thing and one need not worry about it. If hair loss prolongs for a longer time, one needs to consult a good Dermatologist. An expert advice is really important because until the authentic cause of hair fall is not indentified, it is difficult to get the best hair loss treatment.

The normal range of hair loss

It is a known fact that every single human being does lose at least some hair strands. When one experiences shedding of hair, excess than average, this condition leads to a serious problem of baldness. Now we have an intriguing question and that is how to figure out that how much hair loss is normal? Normally, one can expect loss of round about 50-100 strands of hair on a daily basis. This is absolutely normal hair loss and one need not panic. The real trouble begins if one starts witnessing more hair loss. Receding hairlines, appearance of bald patches on scalp, excessive thinning of hairs, etc. are some obvious symptoms that indicate that it is time to take this condition seriously.

Common causes of hair loss

There are some activities like shampooing scalp, combing hair, pleating, etc. during which people generally experience some hair loss. However, as said earlier that, it is absolutely normal. The situation is considered as a serious one when large hair clumps come out that too, on a frequent basis. There could be many reasons that lead to excessive hair fall and serious condition like baldness. Those reasons include too much of stress, initial signs of alopecia (a condition of patchy baldness that starts with rapid hair loss that results in complete baldness), lack of nutritious diet, some specific medical condition, etc.

Hair loss is affecting people of all ages

Earlier, it was believed that alopecia can happen only during the old age, but due to drastic changes in the lifestyle of the people, this serious condition is being witnessed by the people of all ages, including young people as well. However, there are many effective treatments for hair loss available that are proving to be extremely helpful in treating baldness. These latest techniques have absolutely no side effects and they lead to amazing results by curing the baldness from its core. So after gaining insight about how much hair loss is normal, you must either take a chill-pill, if you were worrying excessively about hair fall or if you are losing more than 50-100 hair strands on daily basis, you should know that time has come to pay a visit to a dermatologist.

Different Home Remedies for Hair Growth to Consider

One of the biggest problems with regular hair growth products is the fact that they are going to cost a lot of money. The truth is that there are many that simply cannot afford them. In addition, there are also some that do not trust companies that manufacture such products while thinking that this is just a marketing scam. We need to highlight the fact that supplements and topical products that have been created for hair growth are usually really good. If you read a few reviews and you document yourself you are going to easily find something suitable. Getting back to the subject at hand, let us talk about some of the most common home remedies for hair growth that you might want to use.

The first on our list has to be egg yolk. You can apply it uncooked to your hair before you are going to wash it and just massage gently. This should be done for a minimum of 45 minutes. In most cases around one hour is enough. This will make you a lot more relaxed and if you do this around 2 times weekly, you are going to notice some really good results.

Olive oil stands out as one of the most popular home remedies for hair growth that people are currently using. In fact, this is one remedy that has been known for a long time now. You can find it in most homes around the world and it is known to be a really good ingredient that improves scalp condition and reduces hair loss. All that you would have to do is rub a bit of it on the scalp right after washing your hair. The immediate result is having hair that shines brighter and in time hair growth can be promoted.

You might also want to consider using red henna. This is a popular ingredient that should not be consumed orally. You need to smear it on the scalp and in the event that you notice that the hair starts turning red you should not worry. It is really easy to wash it off. The trick here is to massage the scalp and to do this for around 20 minutes. Leave henna on for 1 hour and after that you can wash it off.

There are many other home remedies that might be considered. In most cases we have noticed that people like to mix different ingredients so that they can create different hair care solutions. The most common ingredients that are used at the moment are egg yolk, olive oil, lemons and mustard seeds. People create different solutions and then they leave it acting for one hour before washing them off. Keep in mind that a mixture is not always a great solution and without massaging the scalp you will most likely not gain any positive results.

In conclusion we need to say that there are many different remedies that are going to help out a lot in achieving hair growth. What is important is to be informed and properly understand how to use them right.

You need Biotin for hair growth

The problem of hair loss may be as a result of deficiency of one or two vitamins or minerals. People are encouraged to check on their diets in a very big way. Checking on the diet will not only solve the hair loss problem, but also many other complications that may be evident in the body of a human being.

To support hair growth, you will need a number of essential vitamins and minerals. You will need biotin for hair loss prevention.

There are many products that people rush for to provide solution to the problem of the hair loss. Doctors advise that for whichever hair loss products that you buy, you also try to consider supplementing with biotin for the hair loss prevention. Such popular products like minoxidil and finasteridethat have been approved by FDA also work well with biotin for hair loss prevention and also in support of the hair growth.

You will basically realize that lack of biotin or deficiency of it will result to hair that is frail, unhealthy and easy to break. That is indeed the main cause of the hair loss. It thus means that you can address the problem of the hair breakage and loss if you are to also address the deficiency of biotin in your system.

If you are not likely to get food rich in biotin, you can also do with the supplements that are sold over the counter. Products that are rich in biotin are not very rare. We have such products as liver, egg yolk, soya beans, sun flower seed, green peas, oats, brown rice and many others.

There are some human bodies that have a problem in the absorption of biotin. It is said that Biotin will bind easily to proteins. When this happens, it will make biotin be unavailable to the body. It means that as a result you will have a deficiency of it leading to the problem of hair loss. Medically, it is proven that those people, who have Type A blood, will normally have a problem in their ability to absorb biotin, which is categorized in the class of vitamin B.

There are others with some medical conditions that may make them have a problem absorbing Biotin for hair loss prevention. People with heart burn problem or any problem requiring antacids will find themselves with this problem. Some over the counter acids will give this problem.

Valuable Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Androgenetic Alopecia is a major reason why people suffer from loss of hair along with other causes attributed to medical conditions. Some of these health-related reasons that trigger falling hair include fungal infections, ringworm and hypothyroidism. Exposure to certain chemicals and excessive intake of oral pills such as vitamin A, birth control tablets, gout medication and blood thinners can also bring about falling hair.

Abnormal loss of hair can also occur following a strict diet, radiation, chemotherapy and abrupt hormonal changes. If your doctor has advised you to take prescription drugs, ask him if the medicines you are taking are having a bad effect to your hair growth. Under normal conditions, your hair falls out to a resting period of 2-3 months.

After this period, re-growth of your hair will take place; however, there are people who encounter more hair loss than usual. To avoid this, here are some important tips for you to consider:

  1. Avoid taking excessive amount of vitamin A that is one of the causes of falling hair.
  2. Perform regular exercise and try yoga and meditation as well as other methods of reducing stress and anxiety levels.
  3. Wearing pigtails or cornrows and using hot rollers, hair dryer or a curling iron can put a great deal of stress and pressure to your scalp and hair. A change of your hair styling practice can ease-up the pressures on your hair.
  4. If you are regularly using hair chemicals or hot oil treatments like those types applied in permanents, but you can observe that they are causing some irritation and inflammation to your scalp, you have to stop using them or reduce the amount of their application.
  5. Instead, you can use mild conditioners and shampoos to avoid damaging your hair.
  6. Use of herbs for men such as licorice root and saw palmetto can help prevent the building-up of DHT. You can also take zinc supplements that are proven not only for treatment of hair loss but also work to treat enlargement of the prostate.
  7. Rosemary oil massage to your scalp contained in an olive base can do wonders to your hair and scalp. Massaging stimulates circulation in the scalp area and provides hair growth.