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Acupuncture for Hair Loss: Does it Really Work?

Baldness, also known as hair loss in a lay man’s language is a medical term used to describe the loss of hair from the human body; the head to be precise. Permanent hair loss is due to genes that one has inherited. Hair loss that is temporary is the result of illness, fatigue, diet deficiencies, hormones, blood circulation problems, environmental exposure and stress. Circulation of blood is one of the main causes of hair loss. As compared to other body parts, the head portion including the scalp gets less blood flow. As there is a minimal flow of blood in the head area, it gets less of the nutritional value.

Acupuncture for hair loss might be the best solution

The probable reasons for the hair loss that is temporary can be alleviated with the help of acupuncture. Acupuncture, apparently is a treatment for almost all problems like pains, muscular aches, stress relief and more importantly hair loss. It is a widely recognised and respected age old practice of the Chinese in which the practitioner, using needles, helps a person to restore his normal health. In this practice fine needles are inserted into one’s skin at predefined acupuncture points in the body, with the use of friction, heat or suction to stimulate these acupuncture points. The person is restored to his normal health as stimulating these acupuncture points releases any energy(Qi) that is blocked in the body. Acupuncture also helps to restore the hair health by directing the blood flow in the head and scalp portion so that the new hair can grow. It also draws the life energy back to the body.

Qi is the infinite life energy. The practitioners believe that this energy keeps on circulating through the body. Hair’s strength lies on qi and obviously nutrition. Without this, hair may become weak and brittle, and may as a result break off and fall. Any imbalances in the energy that affects the hair may be reconciled by acupuncture.

All about acupuncture

In addition to the needles acupuncturists usually use Chinese herbs and specialized diets. As per the Traditional Medicine of the Chinese, health of the hair is affected by kidneys, lungs and adrenal glands. Kidneys provide purified blood which nourishes the hair on the scalp and lungs nourishes hair on the body with oxygen and moisture. Adrenal glands may be cause of hair loss when over worked. When such organs do not work properly because of lifestyle and illness, hair can become weak and thus result in hair fall. Acupuncture purifies the blood and hence helps in the growth of new hair. It repairs the cells that are damaged and strengthens the hair roots.

Why Acupuncture is better than other hair loss treatments?

As hair is a dead tissue, so the topically applied products do not actually nourish the hair. Rather they just coat it with oils, surfactants, lubricants and moisturizers to improve its looks and maintenance. Acupuncture therapy in many ways, not only cures hair fall but also cures many other types of illnesses. Latest tool used by the acupuncturists for hair loss is a plum blossom hammer (a device that has various needles jutting out from the face of the device). This instrument is pressed against the scalp, leading to the needles stimulate the dermis as well as the epidermis layer at a time. The effect is increased because of the “therapy of hair loss- acupuncture”.

Azelaic Acid Hair Loss treatment

In today’s world, hair loss is one of the major problems that people face on a day to day basis. Various factors like stress and hard water, contribute to the receding hairlines that are becoming more and more common. To prevent hair loss, a lot of people use various hair loss treatments. There are specific creams available in the market to reduce and prevent baldness. A lot of conditioners also guarantee prevention of hair loss. However, when the hair loss is related to enzyme secretion, something specific is required.

Revolutionary cause of hair loss discovered

One of the causes of hair loss can be an increased production of an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase, and this enzyme is excreted from the scalp through the adrenal glands. 5 alpha reductase breaks down Dihydrotestosterone from testosterone, which is also present in women, although in smaller quantities. It is this Dihydrotestosterone that results in baldness. When Dihydrotestosterone attaches itself to hair follicles, it destroys them, thereby inhibiting growth of hair. However, hair loss caused due to excessive production of 5 alpha reductase is reversible. It is obvious then, that to prevent hair loss, one needs to inhibit the production of 5 alpha reducaste, especially in the scalp. One of the compounds that help in the reduction of this enzyme is Azelaic Acid.

All about Azelaic acid

Because of Azelaic Acid, hair loss is not a major problem anymore. It is also known as 1,9 Nonanedioic Acid. Azelaic Acid, which is naturally occurring in some whole grains, is usually applied to the scalp. The Azelaic Acid that is applied prevents Dihydrotestosterone from binding to the hair follicles. This prevents hair loss and encourages re-growth. Thus, Azelaic acid becomes a necessary ingredient of various conditioners, shampoos and hair tonics which promise re growth of hair. Azelaic Acid works best with a particular concentration of Zinc Sulphate, and this combination is said to have a 100 percent prevention rate of Dihydrotestosterone attaching itself to the hair follicles.

Using Azelaic Acid hair loss can be conquered. The side effects of this include rashes and stinging among others. But statistically, a very less percentage of people show the symptoms of the side effects. However, products with Azelaic Acid might be harmful to small children. Therefore, the products which contain Azelaic Acid should not be used on children.

Hair loss – A thing of the past

With the discovery of Azelaic Acid as an inhibitor of 5 alpha reductase, hair loss does not remain anything to worry about anymore. If one does not want to use a lot of chemical products to reduce hair loss, then one can just increase the presence of whole grains in the diet. As Azelaic Acid is present in most of whole grains, hair fall reduction is guaranteed with an increase in the presence of whole grains in one’s diet.  Through Azelaic Acid for hair loss has been scientifically proven to have reduced considerably. Thus, it becomes a good option to consider if one is facing a crisis regarding hair loss.

Mesotherapy treatment: an end to the problem of hair fall

There can be no possible defiance of the fact that first impression is the last impression of any person. Without any doubt it can be clearly stated that physical appearance contributes maximum towards creating an alluring demeanor. It is evident that beautiful, long and thick hair along with smooth texture is something which pleases everyone’s eyes and acts as a head turner. But in this world of 21st century, where tension is deeply rooted in human brain, the direct result of it is evidently explicable with the growing and much-common problem of hair fall which has proved a great roadblock towards achieving the glamorous and most appealing personality amongst today’s youth.

Nevertheless, with the technology spreading its wings in every realm affecting human life and making it easier, how can beauty and personal care arena of human life remain untouched by its magical inventions? The amazing innovations have provided a feasible solution to tackle with this problem of continuous hair loss. One such landmark innovation is mesotherapy for hair loss which is now proving to be of great help in dealing with the problem of hair fall. The term mesotherapy means “treatment of mesoderm”.

What is Mesotherapy all about?

Mesotherapy for hair fall is basically a non-surgical treatment which involves monitoring the growth factors like proteins and vitamins in the patient’s scalp suffering from the problem of hair fall. Under the skin lies a layer called mesoderm, which acts as a connector between the layer of fats and skin tissues. Under mesotherapy for hair fall, growth factors like homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, proteins and other ingredients are injected into mesoderm which thereby helps in controlling hair fall by performing following functions:

  • Improving blood circulation.
  • Helps in speeding up cell metabolism
  • Brings back the hair follicles soon.

The various uses of Mesotherapy

The results achieved by mesotherapy treatment for hair fall is remarkable.  Many patients that deal with active hair fall have found relief from mesotherapy treatment for hair fall. This therapy is now been put to use for treating various other conditions like joint pain, eczema and tinnitus. It has proved as a safe and highly effective remedy for treating androgenetic alopecia and therefore has become a leading therapy which is now sought after by many patients. Mesotherapy also helps in dealing with excess of fat tissue and cellulite. It also helps in treating acne, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

The not so bad side effects of Mesotherapy

Definitely there are various benefits of mesotherapy treatment, but it also carries certain risks. The most commonly found side effect of this therapy is visible swelling at the site of injected area. Swelling occurs in the form of lump and is generally found if the solution, which is injected, contains the compound called “lecithin”; the swelling subsidies within 2 to 3 days. Bruising, scarring, pain and burning sensation can also be the negative outcome of this therapy; injected area also gets itchy. Nevertheless, the side effects arising from the treatment of mesotherapy can be treated well with the application of some specific tropical cream or herbal supplements.

Therefore, it can be concluded that if the side effects arising from this treatment is taken care of well, then mesotherapy treatment can do wonders in dealing with the problem of active hair fall. Hence, Mesotherapy treatment for dealing with the problem of active hair fall is gaining high degree of popularity in the world of esthetic, beauty and hair clinics.

Diffuse alopecia causes and treatments

When you have hair loss all over the entire scalp, including all the sides and back of the head, we say that you have the condition of diffuse alopecia.

It is a problem that is also common, and may be misconstrued by many to argue that it is the same as androgenetic alopecia. This is indeed not a condition of the genetics. There are many known causes of this particular problem. The factors that cause the diffuse alopecia may also not have anything to do with the DHT.

telogen_-effluvium_womenThe good thing to note is that in most cases this condition is not too hard to treat. Diffuse alopecia treatments may thus depend on the cause of the problem. That actually means that one will have to address a particular cause of the diffuse alopecia for there to be a very effective solution to this particular problem.

After pregnancy, a woman may register a problem of diffuse alopecia. This problem maybe temporary and the remedy may come naturally after a few months.

There are hormonal changes that can result to the problem. These may include thyroid disorders. The treatment in the case of the problem with the thyroids may be effective subject to the thyroid tests, which will identify the problem for the solution to be sought accordingly.

Iron deficiency may also bring about the problem of diffuse alopecia. In the case of the deficiency of iron, the treatment will be administered after doing the tests for iron in the blood, and proving that there is a problem. Iron rich foods and supplements may in that case be given to provide the solution to this particular problem.

Some inflammations of the scalp may bring about the problem of diffuse alopecia. It is required that you also do some tests to identify the cause of the inflammations. The solution to this particular case will be better addressed after that.

There are certain medications or drugs that will cause hair thinning. Diffuse alopecia treatments in this case will have to be substitutes of these medications and drugs. One may also get diffuse alopecia out of stress. Stress can be both physical emotional. The solution in this case may be psychological.

It is necessary to also point out that in some cases diffuse alopecia may not be sought in some cases. This is mainly because the problem may just be temporary and the body mechanism will address it.

Popular Options in Treatment of Hair Loss

The causes of hair loss of men and women are different in many ways. There are various reasons attributed to hair loss of women, and one of the major causes is excess production of testosterone hormone by the body than the usual. Another major cause is specific medical conditions that adversely affect their hormones leading to loss of hair. Women’s hair loss can occur at any age while in men, it happens usually at a much later time when they get older.

The symptoms

While women can suffer a complete hair loss in their heads, men experience this problem usually at the top of their heads. A woman can encounter a temporary loss of hair when her thyroid gland is functioning very actively. However, this hormonal problem can be treated easily if a treatment is immediately applied. Hair loss of women can also occur when there is hormonal imbalance.

It may be possible for you to suffer from hair loss after 3 months period of giving birth to your baby. This hormonal imbalance is the result of losing high amount of hormones that keeps your hair intact but you normally lose during pregnancy. These hormones are under normal levels before you give birth to your child allowing you to maintain growth of hair. But after pregnancy, you hair will start to fall-out and the usual cycle of re-growth and loss of hair takes place.

You have to act quick

In this case, it is highly recommended for you to consult your doctor to prevent complete loss of your hair within a short period of time. This can lead to a more serious problem like retarding the function of the thyroid gland if no treatment is applied in due time. One important thing that you have to keep in mind is that you should never use anything to treat your hair loss without 1st consulting your doctor.

There are many causes of hair loss along with their corresponding remedies, and a certain treatment that you are using may not be suited for you. When you have found out that there is no serious problem linked with your loss of hair, that’s the time that you can apply treatments that will make your hair healthy and shiny again.

Hair transplant is one of the most popular options for women, but you may find it expensive. Another way is through the use of a DHT blocker that is applicable to both men and women.

Possible treatments

  • Minoxidil plus vitamins supplement, this mix can help with: Androgenetic Alopecia, Thin Hair, Alopecia Areata and Telogen Effluvium.
  • DHT Blockers for: Androgenetic Alopecia.
  • Hair Transplant: Androgenetic Alopecia, Traction Alopecia, Scarring Alopecias and Trichotillomania.