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Decoding hair loss: how much hair loss is normal?

Hectic lifestyle and excessive pollution are playing havoc with the health of the people. Hairs and skin are those most vulnerable areas that are being affected badly. Hair loss is becoming a common problem nowadays and the number of people suffering from some or the other kind of hair loss problem is on rise. Well, most of the times, some people develop a misconception that they are having a hair loss. At times, hair loss is more conspicuous and during the period of weather change and during the period of consuming strong antibiotics, some people do witness more hair fall. However, occurrence of hair fall due to seasonal changes or due to temporary ailments is a normal thing and one need not worry about it. If hair loss prolongs for a longer time, one needs to consult a good Dermatologist. An expert advice is really important because until the authentic cause of hair fall is not indentified, it is difficult to get the best hair loss treatment.

The normal range of hair loss

It is a known fact that every single human being does lose at least some hair strands. When one experiences shedding of hair, excess than average, this condition leads to a serious problem of baldness. Now we have an intriguing question and that is how to figure out that how much hair loss is normal? Normally, one can expect loss of round about 50-100 strands of hair on a daily basis. This is absolutely normal hair loss and one need not panic. The real trouble begins if one starts witnessing more hair loss. Receding hairlines, appearance of bald patches on scalp, excessive thinning of hairs, etc. are some obvious symptoms that indicate that it is time to take this condition seriously.

Common causes of hair loss

There are some activities like shampooing scalp, combing hair, pleating, etc. during which people generally experience some hair loss. However, as said earlier that, it is absolutely normal. The situation is considered as a serious one when large hair clumps come out that too, on a frequent basis. There could be many reasons that lead to excessive hair fall and serious condition like baldness. Those reasons include too much of stress, initial signs of alopecia (a condition of patchy baldness that starts with rapid hair loss that results in complete baldness), lack of nutritious diet, some specific medical condition, etc.

Hair loss is affecting people of all ages

Earlier, it was believed that alopecia can happen only during the old age, but due to drastic changes in the lifestyle of the people, this serious condition is being witnessed by the people of all ages, including young people as well. However, there are many effective treatments for hair loss available that are proving to be extremely helpful in treating baldness. These latest techniques have absolutely no side effects and they lead to amazing results by curing the baldness from its core. So after gaining insight about how much hair loss is normal, you must either take a chill-pill, if you were worrying excessively about hair fall or if you are losing more than 50-100 hair strands on daily basis, you should know that time has come to pay a visit to a dermatologist.

Sudden hair loss in women a few words which might help

Sudden hair loss in women is the scariest thing that can happen if you are experiencing it at a very young age. You probably noticed clumps of hair left on your pillow when you woke up one fine morning and that was the start of the series of episodes where you are losing blobs of hair in the shower or while running a comb through your hair. Sudden hair loss in women has become a real grim issue and you must not ignore it. You have to get yourself some help and find out the right treatment solutions. We tell you what kind of solutions and treatments you can get with the budget you put forward to us. We also help you out by giving you a range of hair loss books which can guide you through this stressful process.

The possible causes:

Here are the known causes of premature hair loss in women:

  1.  It can be a reaction to medication.
  2. It can be a reaction to intense stress on the body’s hormonal system.
  3. It can be due to some kind of deficiency in your diet. Diet low in protein or high in Vitamin A can lead to thinning of hair or hair loss.
  4. It can happen due to an infection or disease. Diseases which affect the immune system like Lupus or ringworm on the scalp can result in small patches of baldness and itching.
  5. Women who use a lot hair styling products that contain harsh chemicals or use curling tongs or other styling tools can also be prone to long term hair loss.
  6. It can also be due to trichotillomania which is compulsive hair pulling. It is usually not detected as a reason until all other causes have been eliminated.
  7. Lack of thyroid hormone. Sometimes, presence of this hormone can also cause hair to shed.

Sudden hair loss in women – A few facts:

Hair loss is tied to less production of estrogen. When there is a reduction in the levels of estrogen produced in the body, the hair growth slows and follicles may die. Androgenic Alopecia is also one of the main causes of sudden hair loss in women as well as men. The presence of the extra hormones and testosterone affects the hair growth.

Telogen Effluvium is one of the most common forms of hair loss n women and men. This happens due to stress or reaction to medication. This condition can occur at any age. You can read more about the entire phenomenon and also about the growth cycles of hair in the books we are selling. It can help you understand the pattern and deduce the cause more easily.


According to the condition that is causing the hair loss, you will be given a treatment. Spironolactone and Cyproterone Acetate are two drugs which can be used for sudden hair loss in women problems. We will give you more information about that.

We give you treatments and medications which can take care of the hair loss problem. We also give you all kinds of information on sudden hair loss in women.

Facts about Hair Pieces for Thinning Hair

There are some men and women who experience thinning and centralize most of their time looking for ways that they can use to augment the general appearance of their hair. There are a few choices that an individual can incorporate in order to bring a stop to their thinning hair. One perfect example is hair pieces for thinning hair.  Hair pieces are types of hair segments that are attached to a certain area on an individual’s head that is thinning. They are designed to cover a specific portion of the head. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes as well as textures. When trying to make the best choice when it comes to hairpieces, it is important to take time and weigh the pros as well as the cons to decide which type best suits you and your lifestyle as well.

The best thing about hair pieces for thinning hair is that they come in several styles, colors as well as lengths. This simply means that they can easily be matched to an individual’s natural hair color or even style. Therefore men and women who have thinning problems do not have to worry anymore as they can easily improve their appearance.  They can easily be sewn or even weaved into all the thinning areas of the head.  They are less expensive meaning that both men and women can easily afford them which will make them have an improved appearance.

The bases of the hairpieces are made of 2 types of materials i.e. mesh and polymer.  The mesh material is usually light in weight and more comfortable to the person wearing it. On the other hand, there is polymer which is more durable and at the same time very simple to attach. However, when attached on a person’s scalp, it can cause some hotness thus creating a less natural appearance. It is important to therefore consider your needs and preferences first before choosing the material.

There are some benefits that come with hair pieces that are used for thinning hair.  In most cases, the benefits don’t need to be explained simply because they are evident i.e. can easily be seen right away once the hair pieces are attached.  In addition to this, there is less time used when using hair pieces for thinning hair as compared to other methods such as surgery. They are not expensive meaning that one can easily afford them.

Even though, hairpieces have benefits, there are some cons as well.  Despite the fact that they are cheaper to buy, they are short lived. This means that they are no permanent.  Another con is that an individual will have a full head of hair instantly thus changing the entire appearance of a person.  The idea of having a full head instead of a gradual filling can in most cases seem to be very unnatural.

It is therefore important to make sure that you put your needs and preferences first when it comes to thinning your hair before making a choice.

Strategies of Choosing Shampoo for Thinning Hair

The idea of one losing hair is very scary even though there are several products in the market niche claiming that they can be able to combat the thinning of hair. At times you may find yourself wondering what is the best shampoo for thinning hair and how well will you choose it.  Though it is a natural thing for one to have hair fall off, having the wrong shampoo on hand can even make it worse by drying your scalp and this in return will clog the follicles. If this goes on, I can easily accelerate thinning hair. While this is the case, it is important to make an informed choice when coming to choose the shampoo. It is for this reason that this article has been designed for you to give you steps on how well you can be able to choose shampoo for thinning hair in the most effective way.   Read on and learn the steps.

  • Firstly, you need to determine the source from which you intend to purchase the shampoo from. Choose whether you want to buy it directly from the supermarket, internet or over the counter. This is important as it will ease your search saving you time and effort when it comes to obtaining the product.
  • Once done, the next thing that you will be required to do while choosing shampoo for thinning hair is to read the product labels. Check what the shampoo entails so that you can determine whether they will be able to protect, moisturize as well as nourish your scalp. Choose one that is gentle to your scalp and hair as well.
  • Ensure that the shampoo that you select contains herbs that play a major role in promoting hair restoration. Choose shampoos that have herbs such as mint, rosemary, horsetail as well as tea tree oil. This is simply because several shampoos that are used for thinning hair have herbs as ingredients that help in hair thickening.
  • There are some people who are used to washing their hair on daily basis especially using these types of shampoos. While this is the case, it is highly advisable for one not to wash hair so much even though they find a great shampoo. It is important to limit how many times you use it. When you follow this, you will eventually discover that your hair is shinier and thicker as times goes by without washing it on daily basis.  Even though people are different, there are those that can stand the idea of skipping to wash their hair for a day or two.
  • Make sure that the shampoo that you choose does not cause any damage to your hair and scalp. This is simply because there are shampoos that may say they will give you a thicker head of hair whereas they have an ingredient that may alter the original surface of your hair.  Check out the PH level which should be approximately five in case you want to achieve the best results thereafter.

How to treat thinning hair problems

worried_woman_about_thinning_hair_problemsWhen you have a situation whereby the rate of replacement of the hair is surpassed by the rate at which the hair is lost, we say that there is condition of hair thinning. Exaggerated hair thinning may eventually lead to the baldness. The conditions of the hair thinning are curable but one has got to know the real cause of the thinning to be in a position to prescribe the right remedy for that particular problem. Diagnosis is particularly done by a qualified medic.

The following are the key causes of the hair thinning and their remedies:

Hormonal imbalances

Thinning of the hair can be caused by the hormonal imbalances, which may in particular be evident in the cases of the androgen and estrogen.

The thinning hair treatments for that case will be basically to give the supplements that will assist in checking the adjustments that are necessary for that to happen.


The kind of food that we normally have can contribute greatly to the thinning of the hair. If you are to be on diet that is deficient of copper or has overdose of vitamin A, there will be higher chances of you getting the problem of hair thinning. The thinning hair treatments may require you to check on your diet accordingly, using vitamin supplements could help in the lack of vitamins and minerals.

Genetic causes

In the cases, of genetic factors, there may be a lesser choice for the hair thinning treatments for you. But there are still some medications that are available but, their effectiveness will be highly dependent on the individual and the extent of thinning. topical minoxidil 2%-5% is needed to improve the hair regrowth rate complementary with a DHT blocker.

Illness and surgery

There are certain diseases such as lupus, anemia and diabetes that may result to the hair thinning. In those cases, you will need to know the deficiencies that are the causes of the cases. If it is anemia for instance, the thinning hair treatments will have to address the question of boosting the iron levels in the body. You will therefore be required to eat the iron rich foods or consume the supplements that are rich in that.

Pregnancy and child birth

Pregnancy may give rise to the problem of the thinning of the hair. It may in most case be brought about by the hormonal imbalances. There may be no thinning hair treatments for the cases of pregnancy, since it is known that in many cases, the hair will re-grow after a very a few months, but it can be speed up with the use of some medication.

Menopause causes hair loss?, Yes

Hair is indeed very crucial part of our beauty. There is therefore every need for us to worry when we see any signs of hair loss. There are preventable and unpreventable causes of hair loss. Solving the problem of the hair thinning or hair loss will be very much dependent on the cause. A woman is judged beautiful first from the kind of hair that she has.

menopause_hair_lossA number of diseases may cause the problem of hair loss. But in case of women, there is already an obvious dreaded cause. You may have heard about hair loss due to menopause.

One may argue that you can not separate menopause and hair loss for over 50% of women normally will report the problem. It therefore means that the case of hair loss is thus understandable, and we may not have very much to worry about.

Women can go extra miles to protect against hair loss.

Menopause and hair loss problems that will come by may not be preventable. There are no medications at the moment in the market that can check that particular problem. The problem is basically brought about by the cases of hormonal imbalances that will appear mainly appear at the onset of menopause.

The extent to which a woman is able to experience the problem of menopause and hair loss in a very exaggerated manner is basically when a woman has some other diseases and complications. Cases of anemia, syphilis, some tumor, thyroid disorders, stressful life events and such others will lead to more acute hair loss issues.

A net drop in the androgen antagonist estrogen, which is basically experienced by a woman after menopause, may lead to pattern baldness.

When a problem is so exaggerated, it is necessary for a woman to seek medical attention, as the problem maybe tackled in a way that it may not have so disastrous effects. The following symptoms of hair loss after menopause are very common:

1. When washing the hair you may witness hair falling in large clumps

2. When combing, you will note large snarls of hair in comb or brush

3. You may notice oily or red scalp

4. You may notice thinning on the front or top of the head

Menopause and hair loss problems should never bring worry to as woman. There are remedies to the situation It may only require that one gets the help from a doctor, dermatologist or a beautician.

Androgenetic Alopecia treatments, when the hormonal imbalances attacks

Androgenetic Alopecia is the common hair loss problem that can affect both male and female of all walks of life. It is basically more prevalent in men than with women. It is said that over 50% of men are affected by this particular problem in many parts of the world. Women basically get this problem when they are over 40 years.

androgenic_alopecia_treatmentsThe problem mainly affects women who are past menopause age. It is also estimated that over 75% of cases of women of over 65 years of age are affected by this particular problem of androgenetic alopecia. Looking at the racial statistics, the problem is more prevalent in white men, followed by Asians, African Americans and the prevalence rates are very low with the Latin world.

The problem of androgenetic alopecia as the name suggests is basically determined by genetics.

It is therefore necessary to note that and androgenetic alopecia treatments can only be seen to solve the issue of hair loss in some cases, while others it may be too difficult to prescribe a lasting solution.

Another thing that is important to note is that cases of androgenetic alopecia may also be idiopathic. That actually means that it may not be a detectable condition of the hormonal imbalance that may give rise to the problem of the hair loss. Blood tests may be conducted, but in such a case may not bring out any particular issue that may be perceived to be away from the ordinary.

We can therefore not in all cases get androgenetic alopecia treatments out of addressing the problem of hormonal imbalances. That is a case that may also be beyond the attention of a dermatologist.

What options do you have?

Androgenetic alopecia treatments that are in form of supplements are also available. These are more recommended for women as men may suffer from their side effects more.

Women’s androgenetic alopecia treatments are many. There are also some herbal treatments that are very much available in the market for particularly women. These are said to be similar to the estrogen which will basically shield a woman from the side effects of androgens.

There is an observation in the medical arena that many treatments are seen to have a lot of successes in women more than men. Some monoxidil solutions when used together with other therapies are said to have very remarkable effects.

The good thing is that androgenetic alopecia products are available in the market. A quick search on the internet will give you an immediate or lasting solution.

Diffuse alopecia causes and treatments

When you have hair loss all over the entire scalp, including all the sides and back of the head, we say that you have the condition of diffuse alopecia.

It is a problem that is also common, and may be misconstrued by many to argue that it is the same as androgenetic alopecia. This is indeed not a condition of the genetics. There are many known causes of this particular problem. The factors that cause the diffuse alopecia may also not have anything to do with the DHT.

telogen_-effluvium_womenThe good thing to note is that in most cases this condition is not too hard to treat. Diffuse alopecia treatments may thus depend on the cause of the problem. That actually means that one will have to address a particular cause of the diffuse alopecia for there to be a very effective solution to this particular problem.

After pregnancy, a woman may register a problem of diffuse alopecia. This problem maybe temporary and the remedy may come naturally after a few months.

There are hormonal changes that can result to the problem. These may include thyroid disorders. The treatment in the case of the problem with the thyroids may be effective subject to the thyroid tests, which will identify the problem for the solution to be sought accordingly.

Iron deficiency may also bring about the problem of diffuse alopecia. In the case of the deficiency of iron, the treatment will be administered after doing the tests for iron in the blood, and proving that there is a problem. Iron rich foods and supplements may in that case be given to provide the solution to this particular problem.

Some inflammations of the scalp may bring about the problem of diffuse alopecia. It is required that you also do some tests to identify the cause of the inflammations. The solution to this particular case will be better addressed after that.

There are certain medications or drugs that will cause hair thinning. Diffuse alopecia treatments in this case will have to be substitutes of these medications and drugs. One may also get diffuse alopecia out of stress. Stress can be both physical emotional. The solution in this case may be psychological.

It is necessary to also point out that in some cases diffuse alopecia may not be sought in some cases. This is mainly because the problem may just be temporary and the body mechanism will address it.

Products for thinning hair that you may consider

People who encounter the problem of the hair loss normally try so many products in order to come out of the problem. Hair thinning may affect some people psychologically, and will basically try to look for many ways of trying to rid themselves of the problem. There are hair thinning products that are there in the market. There are those that you may get over the counter or in most beauty shops or salons. People are advised not to panic when they have that problem of the hair thinning.

Panicking, which is basically common, leads people to making a hasty purchase of some very ineffective hair thinning products. People have tried colors and volumizing hair products to check on the problem. There are also those who have tried styling of their hair in a certain way to hide the thinning potions. There are therefore some temporary and permanent products for thinning hair that are there in the market. Some products weigh the hair down or damage it.

Shampooing and conditioning products may also do some good to the hair but at times if they are well applied. It is highly recommended this be only done when the hair is dirty.

There are two main products that have been approved for the thinning of the hair and hair loss treatment by the FDA. These are Minoxidil and Finasteride.

The above are thinning hair products that are recommended for stimulating the growth of the hair as well as checking on the problem of hair thinning and loss. Their effectiveness is well apparent to the user, but the problem will come back the moment you will stop using them. Therefore, in the hair thinning products market, we have two main categories of the products:

1. Products that contain Minoxidil

2. Products that contain Finasteride

The two main hair products that contain minoxidil are Rogaine and Provillus. The two products are known to stimulate the hair growth for the users. They are also capable of preventing the hair loss.

Two thinning hair products containing finasteride are propecia and propscar. They are also known to perform the same functions as those that contain minoxidil.

The above products are known for their successes in performing one particular task: they are known to be capable of blocking the DHT.

Other hair thinning products that are not so common but highly effective include Dutastride, Retin-A, and Graftcute.

How to get thicker hair, best ways

Proper diet

If one wants to get thicker hair there are many ways as how to do it. Like one should take balanced diet, eat food which contains protein and calcium, and so on. Junk food should be avoided though. There are many food and supplements available in market like beans, yogurt, almonds, fish and most importantly water.

Be careful when you manipulate it

Before washing hair one should comb hair properly so that all the knots should get loosened. Always use warm water to wash hair before applying shampoo on it. While using shampoo or conditioner never use fingernails to scrape. Instead of using fingernails one should use palm and fingertips to massage. After washing hairs properly always keep your hair under running water so that remaining shampoo should get removed from scalp. Always apply hair treatment products when your hair is half wet because at that time hairs can absorb all the nourishment. Essential food intake is vital in the process of how to get thicker hair.

Don’t use too much products on hair

People should never go to bed with half wet hairs because hairs get damaged as hairs will be rubbing against each other which will decreases the chances of getting thicker hair. So, if you want to learn how to get thicker hair, then remember not sleep without drying your hair. Plastic brushes with boar bristles should be used which helps spreading oil from end to end. Before going out one should make sure that hair should be dry as it can lead to crape. Many hair dressers suggest using flatiron on the hair as it removes excess moisture from the hair. Nowadays there is trend of using colors; however, many people who are using colors do not know that coloring can damage hair drastically. Cosmetic products like styling gel should be used in little amounts and only when required, because these products damages scalp. There are shampoos and conditioners available in market to remove these styling gels. Alcohol humidity damages hair and removes natural shine from the hair.

What do the experts say?

Many of us wash our hairs on daily basis, however, doctors and experts suggest washing hair few times in a week instead of washing every single day as it retains shine. Eating healthy food like strawberries, grapes is essential when it’s about how to get thicker hair. Many hair experts suggest washing hair with cold water as it leaves hairs smooth and shiny leading to get thicker hair. There are blowers available in the market which have a setting or cold air. This also makes hair smooth and shiny. Using products containing silicon creates a thin layer on hair which makes a wall between hairs and styling products and also prevents from getting damaged by heat or sun rays. Using too much silicon on hair makes hair look greasy.