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Vitamin D Deficiencies and Hair Loss. How are they related?

Vitamin D is very essential for the human body and it is gained through sources like the sunlight. People who remain indoors most of the times, and who do not expose themselves in the sunlight are prone to Vitamin D deficiency. Since the body requires some sunlight, you must always make sure that you go out and let your body soak the morning sunlight usually between 7 am to 10 am. Since after this time, sun rays becomes too harsh for your skin. Studies have shown a relation between hair loss and vitamin D presence in your body. Even if your body contains Vitamin D in excess, it can create Hair loss problem. So striking the balance is really important.

Vitamin D deficiency leads to reduction in the level and contents of calcium in the human body and Calcium is the most vital element required for proper hair growth. Vitamin D helps in the maturation of the hair follicles. Therefore for having strong hair follicles, vitamin D plays a very important role.

Vitamin D Deficiency can be due to the following:

a)     Lack of Exposure to sunlight.

b)     Lack of consumption of milk and milk products.

c)      Non consumption of fish, fish liver oils and egg yokes.

d)     Non consumption of food grains.

e)     Non absorption of vitamins by the body.

If you suffer from Vitamin D deficiency, then you should either have milk products, fish, fish liver oil, food grains etc. on a regular basis or visit a doctor and start taking supplements if the problem of hair loss persists.

General causes for hair loss are:

1)     Lack of proper dietary nutrients intake in your body.

2)     Imbalance between different nutrients in regular food intake.

3)     Lack of sleep.

4)     Dry scalp.

5)     Improper way of hair wash and harsh treatments on the hair like straightening, perming, coloring, etc.

6)     Hormonal changes in women during menopause or pregnancy.

You can also check the strength of your hair by a pull test where you hold around 50 to 60 strands of your hair and pull them firmly and gently usually around 5 to 10 strands will be in your hands. If it’s more than that, it means you are suffering from serious hair loss problem and vitamin deficiency can be one of the reasons.

Ask your doctor to check your vitamins level in your body as a regular check up, and if you are suffering from any vitamin deficiencies, then make sure you consult for proper nutrition intake or for supplements from the doctor. Avoiding such deficiencies can create major medical and health issues in the future and may create complications.

Also there is a debate over an issue about being over exposed to sunlight for vitamin D and increase in the hair loss; since exposing yourself to the harsh sunlight can increase your hair fall and make your hair brittle and dry. You should make sure to expose your hair only during the morning sunlight. If after 11 am if you are out, make sure you wear a hat or a scarf to protect your hair from getting damaged, since over exposure to sun is also not good for your hair.