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Troubled with hair loss? Go organic

Everyone wants to own a set of healthy, beautiful and lustrous hair. This desire is covered with the pall of hair loss. Hair loss is a serious issue faced by most of us, irrespective of gender.This can be caused due to various reasons including diseases, age or even genetics. Hair needs care in order for it to retain its natural glow. There are various ways to treat hair loss and many products claim to be effective solutions for the same. However, one of the best solutions is to go organic. Using organic products is an easy and effective way to control hair loss. One of the most used of these hair products is a shampoo.

Nowadays, various kinds of shampoos for hair loss are available in the market. The best among these is the wide range of organic shampoos that are available to the consumer. Chemicals used in shampoos are sometimes considered to be the cause of increased hair fall as they are harsh and may deteriorate the scalp causing the hair to lose its strength and hence increase fall. This is where organic shampoo creates a difference.

What makes a shampoo organic?

Organic shampoos are prepared by mixing different natural ingredients; mainly herbs. Such shampoos contain vitamins, protein and biotin which when put together nourishes the scalp and strengthens the hair. They contain botanicals rich in nutrients that infuse nourishing vitamins and moisturizing oils which leave hair healthy and soft. They do not cause re-growth of hair; rather they help in maintaining the health of one’s hair. The best thing about organic shampoo is that its usage can be continued along with other hair fall treatments.

What does an organic shampoo contain?

The most commonly used ingredients in natural organic shampoos are herbal extracts like those of lavender, rosemary and chamomile. These ingredients are believed to reduce hair loss by strengthening hair and thus preventing its breakage, keeping the scalp clean and preventing dandruff and most importantly, stimulating the follicles. Other ingredients that are made use of are fruit extracts such as olive, coconut, jojoba and pomegranate. These are considered effective in improving the thickness and the volume of hair. Their work as antioxidants protects the scalp and hair. These ingredients also reduce the blockage in hair follicles. Aloe Vera is another very good choice to look for in organic shampoos. This plant is well known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties protect the hair against folliculitis (inflammation of hair follicles) which causes further loss of hair.

Benefits of organic shampoo for hair loss

The most important characteristic of organic shampoo is that it is chemical free and thus is not harsh on your hair and scalp. There is no risk of being subjected to harmful ingredients that can cause damage to the natural beauty that lies within your hair. It is true that the traditional shampoos that are basically chemical formulae are much easily available and might even be less expensive. But when it comes to the long term health of hair, there is no better choice than organic products.

Flaunt the lovely locks you have, NATURALLY!!

You need Biotin for hair growth

The problem of hair loss may be as a result of deficiency of one or two vitamins or minerals. People are encouraged to check on their diets in a very big way. Checking on the diet will not only solve the hair loss problem, but also many other complications that may be evident in the body of a human being.

To support hair growth, you will need a number of essential vitamins and minerals. You will need biotin for hair loss prevention.

There are many products that people rush for to provide solution to the problem of the hair loss. Doctors advise that for whichever hair loss products that you buy, you also try to consider supplementing with biotin for the hair loss prevention. Such popular products like minoxidil and finasteridethat have been approved by FDA also work well with biotin for hair loss prevention and also in support of the hair growth.

You will basically realize that lack of biotin or deficiency of it will result to hair that is frail, unhealthy and easy to break. That is indeed the main cause of the hair loss. It thus means that you can address the problem of the hair breakage and loss if you are to also address the deficiency of biotin in your system.

If you are not likely to get food rich in biotin, you can also do with the supplements that are sold over the counter. Products that are rich in biotin are not very rare. We have such products as liver, egg yolk, soya beans, sun flower seed, green peas, oats, brown rice and many others.

There are some human bodies that have a problem in the absorption of biotin. It is said that Biotin will bind easily to proteins. When this happens, it will make biotin be unavailable to the body. It means that as a result you will have a deficiency of it leading to the problem of hair loss. Medically, it is proven that those people, who have Type A blood, will normally have a problem in their ability to absorb biotin, which is categorized in the class of vitamin B.

There are others with some medical conditions that may make them have a problem absorbing Biotin for hair loss prevention. People with heart burn problem or any problem requiring antacids will find themselves with this problem. Some over the counter acids will give this problem.